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Packages that use Accounts
org.openprovenance.model Open Provenance Model classes and associated factories and (de)serialisation methods. 

Uses of Accounts in org.openprovenance.model

Fields in org.openprovenance.model declared as Accounts
protected  Accounts OPMGraph.accounts

Methods in org.openprovenance.model that return Accounts
 Accounts OPMUtilities.accountMembership(ArtifactRef aid, OPMGraph g)
 Accounts ObjectFactory.createAccounts()
          Create an instance of Accounts
 Accounts OPMGraph.getAccounts()
          Gets the value of the accounts property.
 Accounts OPMFactory.newAccounts(Collection<Account> accs, Collection<Overlaps> ovlps)
 Accounts OPMUtilities.union(Accounts g1, Accounts g2)

Methods in org.openprovenance.model with parameters of type Accounts
 OPMGraph OPMFactory.newOPMGraph(Accounts accs, Processes ps, Artifacts as, Agents ags, Dependencies lks)
 OPMGraph OPMFactory.newOPMGraph(Accounts accs, Processes ps, Artifacts as, Agents ags, Dependencies lks, Annotations anns)
 void OPMGraph.setAccounts(Accounts value)
          Sets the value of the accounts property.
 Accounts OPMUtilities.union(Accounts g1, Accounts g2)
 OPMGraph OPMUtilities.view(OPMGraph g, Accounts accs)

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