Uses of Interface

Packages that use Identifiable
org.openprovenance.model Open Provenance Model classes and associated factories and (de)serialisation methods. 

Uses of Identifiable in org.openprovenance.elmo

Classes in org.openprovenance.elmo that implement Identifiable
 class RdfAccount
 class RdfAgent
 class RdfAnnotation
 class RdfArtifact
 class RdfEmbeddedAnnotation
 class RdfLabel
 class RdfOPMGraph
 class RdfPName
 class RdfProcess
 class RdfProfile
 class RdfRole
 class RdfType
 class RdfUsed
 class RdfValue
 class RdfWasControlledBy
 class RdfWasDerivedFrom
 class RdfWasGeneratedBy
 class RdfWasTriggeredBy

Uses of Identifiable in org.openprovenance.model

Subinterfaces of Identifiable in org.openprovenance.model
 interface Annotable
 interface Edge
 interface Node

Classes in org.openprovenance.model that implement Identifiable
 class Account
          Java class for Account complex type.
 class Agent
          Java class for Agent complex type.
 class Annotation
          Java class for Annotation complex type.
 class Artifact
          Java class for Artifact complex type.
 class EmbeddedAnnotation
          Java class for EmbeddedAnnotation complex type.
 class IndexedOPMGraph
          This class provides a set of indexes over information contained in an OPMGraph, facilitating its navigation.
 class Label
          Java class for Label complex type.
 class OPMGraph
          Java class for OPMGraph complex type.
 class PName
          Java class for PName complex type.
 class Process
          Java class for Process complex type.
 class Profile
          Java class for Profile complex type.
 class Role
          Java class for Role complex type.
 class Type
          Java class for Type complex type.
 class Used
          Java class for Used complex type.
 class UsedStar
          Java class for UsedStar complex type.
 class Value
          Java class for Value complex type.
 class WasControlledBy
          Java class for WasControlledBy complex type.
 class WasDerivedFrom
          Java class for WasDerivedFrom complex type.
 class WasDerivedFromStar
          Java class for WasDerivedFromStar complex type.
 class WasGeneratedBy
          Java class for WasGeneratedBy complex type.
 class WasGeneratedByStar
          Java class for WasGeneratedByStar complex type.
 class WasTriggeredBy
          Java class for WasTriggeredBy complex type.
 class WasTriggeredByStar
          Java class for WasTriggeredByStar complex type.

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