Uses of Class

Packages that use OPMFactory
org.openprovenance.model Open Provenance Model classes and associated factories and (de)serialisation methods. 

Uses of OPMFactory in org.openprovenance.elmo

Subclasses of OPMFactory in org.openprovenance.elmo
 class RdfOPMFactory
          The factory class to create OPM entities that can be serialised to rdf.

Uses of OPMFactory in org.openprovenance.model

Methods in org.openprovenance.model that return OPMFactory
static OPMFactory OPMFactory.getFactory()

Constructors in org.openprovenance.model with parameters of type OPMFactory
IndexedOPMGraph(OPMFactory oFactory, OPMGraph graph)
Normalise(OPMFactory oFactory)

Uses of OPMFactory in org.openprovenance.model.collections

Constructors in org.openprovenance.model.collections with parameters of type OPMFactory
CollectionFactory(OPMFactory oFactory)

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