Interface Property

All Superinterfaces:
DcResource, org.openrdf.elmo.Entity, PropertyOrRole, org.openrdf.concepts.rdfs.Resource

public interface Property
extends Entity, PropertyOrRole

Building block allowing for the construction of annotations. It consists of key-value pair.

Method Summary
 Object getKey()
          The key of a Property.
 void setKey(Object key)
          The key of a Property.
Methods inherited from interface org.openprovenance.rdf.PropertyOrRole
getValue, setValue
Methods inherited from interface org.openprovenance.dc.DcResource
getContributors, getCreators, getDates, getFormats, getTermsCreated, getTermsModified, getTermsTitle, getTitles, getVoidExampleResource, getWasTriggeredBy, setContributors, setCreators, setDates, setFormats, setTermsCreated, setTermsModified, setTermsTitle, setTitles, setVoidExampleResource, setWasTriggeredBy
Methods inherited from interface org.openrdf.concepts.rdfs.Resource
getRdfsComment, getRdfsIsDefinedBy, getRdfsLabel, getRdfsMembers, getRdfsSeeAlso, getRdfTypes, getRdfValues, setRdfsComment, setRdfsIsDefinedBy, setRdfsLabel, setRdfsMembers, setRdfsSeeAlso, setRdfTypes, setRdfValues
Methods inherited from interface org.openrdf.elmo.Entity
getElmoManager, getQName

Method Detail


Object getKey()
The key of a Property.


void setKey(Object key)
The key of a Property.

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