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Uses of AnnotationOrEdgeOrNode in org.openprovenance.elmo

Methods in org.openprovenance.elmo with parameters of type AnnotationOrEdgeOrNode
 void RdfOPMFactory.addAccounts(AnnotationOrEdgeOrNode hasAccounts, List<AccountRef> accounts)

Uses of AnnotationOrEdgeOrNode in org.openprovenance.rdf

Subinterfaces of AnnotationOrEdgeOrNode in org.openprovenance.rdf
 interface Agent
 interface Annotation
          OPM class used to annotate Annotable entities.
 interface Artifact
 interface Edge
          A (causal) relationship is represented by an arc and denotes the presence of a dependency between the source of the arc (the effect) and the destination of the arc (the cause).
 interface EventEdge
          An EventEdge denotes an Edge associated with a time instant.
 interface Node
          Node is the class of nodes in an OPM graph.
 interface Process
 interface Used
          A “used” edge from process to an artifact is a relationship intended to indicate that the process required the availability of the artifact to be able to complete its execution.
 interface UsedOrWasControlledByOrWasGeneratedBy
 interface UsedOrWasGeneratedBy
 interface WasControlledBy
          An edge “was controlled by” from a process P to an agent Ag is a dependency that indicates that the start and end of process P was controlled by agent Ag.
 interface WasDerivedFrom
          An edge “was derived from” from artifact A2 to artifact A1 is a relationship that indicates that artifact A1 needs to have been generated for A2 to be generated.
 interface WasGeneratedBy
          A “was generated by” edge from an artifact to a process is a relationship intended to mean that the process was required to initiate its execution for the artifact to have been generated.
 interface WasTriggeredBy
          An edge “was triggered by” from a process P2 to a process P1 is a causal dependency that indicates that the start of process P1 was required for P2 to be able to complete.

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