Provenance Notation (PROV-N) Editor

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// Line comment is allowed almost everywhere

/* So are block comments */

otherwise, "document" is expected first

  default <>
  prefix b <>
  prefix ex <>

  // a line comment
  entity(ex:e1)  // Should we have a type for this entity?
  entity(ex:e2, [prov:type='ex:Type'
    //, prov:location=TBD]) -- a comment in the attribute block
  activity(a1, 2008-08-30T01:45:36, 2008-08-30T01:45:36.123Z)
  bundle b:b1
    // An empty bundle
  entity(invalid) // no more statement allowed after the first bundle

  bundle b:b2
    wasDerivedFrom(ex:e2, ex:e1)

    entity(e3, [prov:value=12, prov:label="An integer value"])
    wasGeneratedBy(ex:e3, - , 2008-08-30T01:45:36.123-08:00)

    entity(ex:date, [prov:value="2008-08-30" %% xsd:date,
                     prov:label="A XSD (date) value", ex:invalid=abc])


// Commenting after a document finishes is OK

/* Block comment also fine

So are the spaces and blank lines

But other than that, anything else is not allowed after endDocument
even a new document