PROViz Hive Plot

This chart (base on this example) is designed to highlight the relationships between the activities, entities and agents in a PROV-JSON file. Furthermore, the PROV elements are grouped based on the direction of these relationships: elements that are the source of any relationships (shown on the top "spoke"), elements that are the target (bottom-left spoke), and elements that are both source and targets (bottom-right "spokes"). The source-target elements are shown on two identical spokes for presentation purposes, to make the relationships between any two source-target elements clearer.

To load an existing PROV-JSON file into the chart, either drag and drop a file from your computer onto the designated area, or enter the URL of a file hosted elsewhere into the box and click "Load URL".

Hovering over an element or relationship will display additional information in the top-left of the chart. Individual relationship types can be toggled using the buttons at the bottom-right of the chart.