Package org.openprovenance.model

Open Provenance Model classes and associated factories and (de)serialisation methods.


Interface Summary

Class Summary
Account Java class for Account complex type.
AccountRef Java class for AccountRef complex type.
Accounts Java class for Accounts complex type.
Agent Java class for Agent complex type.
AgentRef Java class for AgentRef complex type.
Agents Java class for Agents complex type.
Annotation Java class for Annotation complex type.
AnnotationRef Java class for AnnotationRef complex type.
Annotations Java class for Annotations complex type.
Artifact Java class for Artifact complex type.
ArtifactRef Java class for ArtifactRef complex type.
Artifacts Java class for Artifacts complex type.
Dependencies Java class for Dependencies complex type.
DependencyRef Java class for DependencyRef complex type.
EmbeddedAnnotation Java class for EmbeddedAnnotation complex type.
IndexedOPMGraph This class provides a set of indexes over information contained in an OPMGraph, facilitating its navigation.
Label Java class for Label complex type.
NamespacePrefixMapper Prefix definition for OPM serialisations.
ObjectFactory This object contains factory methods for each Java content interface and Java element interface generated in the org.openprovenance.model package.
OPMDeserialiser Deserialiser of OPM Graphs.
OPMFactory A stateless factory of OPM objects.
OPMGraph Java class for OPMGraph complex type.
OPMGraphRef Java class for OPMGraphRef complex type.
OPMSerialiser Serialiser of OPM Graphs.
OPMToDot Serialisation of OPM Graphs to DOT format.
OPMUtilities Utilities for manipulating OPM Graphs.
OTime Observed Time allow for interval of observation, where an event is said to occur no earlier than a given time t1 and no later than a given time t2.
Overlaps Java class for Overlaps complex type.
PName Java class for PName complex type.
Process Java class for Process complex type.
Processes Java class for Processes complex type.
ProcessRef Java class for ProcessRef complex type.
Profile Java class for Profile complex type.
Property Java class for Property complex type.
Role Java class for Role complex type.
RoleRef Java class for RoleRef complex type.
Type Java class for Type complex type.
Used Java class for Used complex type.
UsedStar Java class for UsedStar complex type.
Value Java class for Value complex type.
WasControlledBy Java class for WasControlledBy complex type.
WasDerivedFrom Java class for WasDerivedFrom complex type.
WasDerivedFromStar Java class for WasDerivedFromStar complex type.
WasGeneratedBy Java class for WasGeneratedBy complex type.
WasGeneratedByStar Java class for WasGeneratedByStar complex type.
WasTriggeredBy Java class for WasTriggeredBy complex type.
WasTriggeredByStar Java class for WasTriggeredByStar complex type.

Package org.openprovenance.model Description

Open Provenance Model classes and associated factories and (de)serialisation methods.

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