Package org.openprovenance.model.printer

Class Summary
AccountColorMapEntry Java class for AccountColorMapEntry complex type.
AccountMap Java class for AccountMap complex type.
AgentMap Java class for AgentMap complex type.
AgentMapEntry Java class for AgentMapEntry complex type.
ArtifactMap Java class for ArtifactMap complex type.
ArtifactMapEntry Java class for ArtifactMapEntry complex type.
EdgeStyleMap Java class for EdgeStyleMap complex type.
EdgeStyleMapEntry Java class for EdgeStyleMapEntry complex type.
Map Java class for Map complex type.
MapEntry Java class for MapEntry complex type.
ObjectFactory This object contains factory methods for each Java content interface and Java element interface generated in the org.openprovenance.model.printer package.
OPMPrinterConfigDeserialiser Deserialiser of OPM Graphs.
OPMPrinterConfiguration Java class for OPMPrinterConfiguration complex type.
ProcessMap Java class for ProcessMap complex type.
ProcessMapEntry Java class for ProcessMapEntry complex type.

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