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Provenance Challenge


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CESNET Provenance Challenge - how to submit the workflow

This page contains technical details about our experiment - how to prepare and submit the workflow as a GRID job.

The workflow representation

As described before, the workflow is represented as a DAG, the set of jobs with defined structure. Each job represents one node of the challenge workflow. To describe the workflow representation, we should indentify three parts:

All files are stored and available in gLite CVS service here.

GRID environment

We used VOCE virtual organization for our experiment. There is maintained user documentation (how to become a VOCE user, first steps as a new VOCE user). Please use voms-proxy-init instead of grid-proxy-init in our case.

How to submit

glite-wms-job-submit -a pch06.jdl

How to keep track of workflow lifecycle

glite-wms-job-status <job_id>

-- JiriSitera - 31 Aug 2006
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