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Provenance Challenge


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Second Provenance Challenge Template

Participating Team

Differences from First Challenge

Note here any changes in your provenance representation, workflow enactment or system since the first challenge. Alternatively, if you did not participate in the first challenge, please provide the same details as were required for those who did (particularly workflow representation and provenance representation).

Provenance Data for Workflow Parts

Give links here to your provenance data files for the workflow parts of the challenge: three parts for the original workflow and three parts for the modified workflow (as per provenance query 7). The data files could be attached to the results page.

Model Integration Results

State here which combinations of teams' models you have managed to perform the provenance query over

Translation Details

Describe details regarding how data models were translated (or otherwise used to answer the query following the team's approach), any data which was absent from a downloaded model, and whether this affected the possibility of translation or successful provenance query, and any data which was excluded in translation from a downloaded model because it was extraneous


Describe your proposed benchmark queries, how the comparable quantities are determined, and the results of applying the benchmark to your own system

Further Comments

Provide here further comments.


Provide here your conclusions on the challenge, and issues that you like to see discussed at a face to face meeting.

-- SimonMiles - 26 Oct 2006
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