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Provenance Challenge


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Provenance Challenge: Swift

Participating Team

Team and Project Details

Workflow Representation

There is a directory in the Swift repository at where the Swift representation of the challenge workflow lives.

Open Provenance Model Output

The latest published OPM output for the challenge workflow is at

Older OPM output for the challenge workflow is at

Older more broken and less informative output: corresponding to the version of the workflow in SVN r2724

Query Results

Suggested Workflow Variants

Suggested Queries

Suggestions for Modification of the Open Provenance Model

To v1.01.a.xml schema definition, make time be represented by dataTime XSD type. We already do this in our OPM above, meaning that it should not validate with v1.01.a.xml.

Better support for hierarchies - of collections of artifacts; and of processes. Swift makes heavy use of both in its input language, SwiftScript?, though this information is not recorded explicitly in the provenance database.


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