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Provenance Challenge


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TWiki's Challenge web The Challenge web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. en-us Copyright 2012 by contributing authors TWiki Administrator [] TWiki Administrator [] TWiki TWiki.Challenge TWiki home.Challenge WebStatistics Statistics for Challenge Web Month: Topic views: Topic saves: File uploads: Most popular topic views: Top contributors for topic save and uploads: Nov 2012 8929 0 ... (last changed by TWikiGuest) 2012-11-20T08:44Z guest 1.1 updated major WebHome Provenance Challenge Wiki Provenance is a critical concept in scientific workflows, since it allows scientists to understand the origin of their results, to repeat ... (last changed by LucMoreau) 2011-05-10T14:57Z lavm 1.55 updated major FourthProvenanceChallenge The Fourth and Last Provenance Challenge Early Success For the Fourth Provenance Challenge Back at IPAW 2006, in Chicago, we discussed the needs for provenance standardization ... (last changed by LucMoreau) 2011-05-09T12:32Z lavm 1.7 updated major Crystallography Crystallography Workflow Outline This page outlines the crystallography workflow for the Fourth and Last Provenance Challenge. It describes the workflow and how it ... (last changed by SimonMiles) 2010-10-10T17:02Z SimonMiles 1.17 updated major CrysOPM Crystallography OPM Graph Crystallography OPM Graph 0 colabname "" label Scientist2 1 label Polarisation 2 colabname "" label Scientist4 3 name "" label Crystallographer ... (last changed by CarlBarton) 2010-08-31T18:16Z CarlBarton 1.2 updated major AbstractScenarioPC4 User Performs Action This is mapped to the beginning of the workflow(A,B) because at the beginning of the experiment the crystallographer must choose which crystal ... (last changed by PaulGroth) 2010-07-13T13:02Z PaulGroth 1.1 updated major NotesPC4ScopingWorkshop Notes on PC4 Scoping Workshop Attendance We had roughly 25 attendees. Discussion about challenge options We began by discussing the Challenge Proposals and how broadly ... (last changed by LucMoreau) 2010-07-07T14:52Z lavm 1.2 updated major FourthProvenanceChallengeEoIs PC4 Expressions of Interest (Draft) ES3 / Main.JamesFrew UniMan / Paolo Missier resources permitting (currently none available) Microsoft Research (Trident) / Yogesh ... (last changed by SimonMiles) 2010-06-17T17:37Z SimonMiles 1.6 updated major FourthProvenanceChallengeCFSP PC4 Call for Scenario Proposals (Draft) This page is a collection of proposed scenarios for PC4. Below we define what should be included in a scenario proposals and ... (last changed by PaulGroth) 2010-06-12T12:10Z PaulGroth 1.13 updated major ProducingFisheryCountryProfiles Producing Fishery Country Profiles in a D4Science Virtual Research Environment Scenario Authors: Leonardo Candela, Donatella Castelli, Alice Tani and Pasquale Pagano ... (last changed by LucMoreau) 2010-06-08T12:20Z lavm 1.2 updated major ComposingMultipleWorkflows Composing a scientific experiment with several different workflows Scenario Authors: Scientific Workflow Group, COPPE, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Brief ... (last changed by LucMoreau) 2010-06-08T12:17Z lavm 1.2 updated major FourthProvenanceChallengeScopingWorkshop Fourth Provenance Challenge Scoping Workshop The Fourth Provenance Challenge Scoping Workshop will be held on June 17, 2010 and co-located with the 3rd International ... (last changed by LucMoreau) 2010-06-08T11:47Z lavm 1.2 updated major TetherlessPC3 Provenance Challenge: Tetherless World Constellation (RPI) TOC Participating Team Team and Project Details Short team name: RPI/TWC Participant names: James Michaelis ... (last changed by JamesMichaelis) 2009-12-14T20:36Z JamesMichaelis 1.13 updated major WebLeftBar INCLUDINGWEB Web Menu Home Challenge-4 Definition Challenge-3 Definition Challenge-2 Definition Challenge-1 Definition OPM OPM Review INCLUDINGWEB Web Search Changes ... (last changed by LucMoreau) 2009-12-01T16:13Z lavm 1.7 updated major OPM Open Provenance Model Introduction Thirteen teams responded to the second Provenance challenge. Discussions at the Monterey Workshop indicated that there was substantial ... (last changed by PaulGroth) 2009-07-30T14:48Z PaulGroth 1.6 updated major VisTrails3 Provenance Challenge: VisTrails, University of Utah TOC Participating Team Team and Project Details Short team name: VisTrails Participant names: Juliana Freire, ... (last changed by JulianaFreire) 2009-07-27T21:17Z JulianaFreire 1.10 updated major
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