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Provenance Challenge


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Provenance Challenge Template

Participating Team

Workflow Representation

Provide here a description of how you have encoded the Challenge workflow.

Provenance Trace

Upload a representation of the information you captured when executing the workflow. Explain the structure (provide pointers to documents describing your schemas etc.)

Provenance Queries

For each query, if your system can support your query, provide a description of how you implement the query, what result is returned; otherwise, explain whether the query is in the remit of your system.

Also, make sure you complete the ProvenanceQueriesMatrix.

Suggested Workflow Variants

Suggest variants of the workflow that can exhibit capabilities that your system support.

Suggested Queries

Suggest significant queries that your system can support and are not in the proposed list of queries, and how you have implemented/would implement them. These queries may be with regards to a variant of the workflow suggested above.

Categorisation of queries

According to your provenance approach, you may be able to provide a categorisation of queries. Can you elaborate on the categorisation and its rationale.

Live systems

If your system can be accessed live (through portal, web page, web service, or other), provide relevant information here.

Further Comments

Provide here further comments.


Provide here your conclusions on the challenge, and issues that you like to see discussed at a face to face meeting.

-- LucMoreau - 31 May 2006
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