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Provenance Challenge


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PC4 Call for Scenario Proposals (Draft)

This page is a collection of proposed scenarios for PC4. Below we define what should be included in a scenario proposals and suggest a template for their format.


The aim of PC4 is demonstrate the use of OPM in a broad end-to-end scenario for provenance and demonstrate how this can only be achieved using interoperable provenance technologies. This poses some requirements on any proposed scenario.


To ease writing and evaluating scenarios, they scenarios need not be long. I would suggest an emphasis on how the scenario meets the above requirements.

Name: Name of the Proposed Scenario

Scenario Authors: The authors of a scenario and their affiliation

Brief Summary: A brief summary of the proposed scenario.

Scenario Diagram: While not required, it would be nice to see a pictorial representation of the scenario and an explantation of the picture.

Users: Who are the target users for the scenario?

Requirement for provenance: Why is provenance technology required to solve this problem?

Provenance Questions: What are the provenance questions that a user would pose?

Technologies Used: This is a list of what the authors think are the required technologies to be used to implement the scenario. These should be classes not specific requirements (e.g. databases, web browser, scientific workflow). Examples of each technology can also be given.

Background and description: Any background or other important information about the scenario


Please place your proposed scenarios here in different sections.

  1. ModelingObjectsMultipleGranularities
  2. WikipediaRevisionHistory
  3. PaperSubmission
  4. ReconstructFromForeign
  5. FederatedMarketTransactionAuditTrails
  6. TrustAndPrivacyManagementInCloudPlatforms
  7. UndestandingScientistsIntent
  8. ProvenanceSupportforEvidenceBasedPolicy
  9. ProvenanceOfCrystalImages
  10. ProducingFisheryCountryProfiles
  11. ComposingMultipleWorkflows


To help narrow down the number of scenarios, we asked the community to select the 3 scenarios they thought would be best to pursue. The results of the poll can be found here We also have a pdf of the poll taken June 12, 2010, which I'll upload as soon I fix some attachment issues with the wiki. -- PaulGroth - 12 Jun 2010

-- LucMoreau - 29 Mar 2010
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